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dr. shivantika shrivastava

Shivantika Srivastava

  • Shivantika Srivastava is an authentic Hatha Yoga teacher, Physiotherapist, and Reiki healer from India living in The Netherlands since 2015. Yoga for her is both an art and science of living a meaningful, healthy, and quality life.
  • Having deep roots from India, she likes to teach Yoga based on Authentic Rishi Patanjali Ashtanga principles. Her journey of yoga began when she followed the Happiness program of the Art of Living foundation. She was then first introduced to Sudarshan Kriya. With having the scientific educational background, she could easily relate to the healing power of Kriya with modern polyvagal theory.
    With experiencing great change in her aspect of perceiving health and life situations positively, she decided to dive deeper into Yoga and did her 6 months of yoga teaching from Institute based on teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Bihar school of yoga). She was able to experience the rhythm (melody) of life.
  • She founded Yoga Melody in 2018 with the aim of spreading this melody of life through yoga to all possible sections of the society in the Netherlands like- Kids, pregnant moms, teenagers, Adults, Corporates, Senior citizens. With her professional background as a physiotherapist, she also gives special yoga classes for therapeutic purposes in various medical conditions. Later she followed Isha yoga foundation to learn Inner Engineering and went to Sadguru ashram to follow Sunetra Eye program. She also learned Pregnancy Yoga from Arhanta Yoga academy in Netherlands and Kids yoga teaching course from Australia.
  • Her journey of yoga continues, during pandemic time, she actively volunteered to gather neighborhood kids and do yoga together with story telling of Panchatantra stories that impacted positively on social, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of the kids.

Professional Experience in Netherlands:

Experience of taking regular Yoga classes (~ 500 hours) for adults at sports school in Hilversum, Bussum and Blaricum. Worked for organizing weekly yoga and gym activities of the old age group in Zaandam. Organized special yoga workshop for vitality program for the teachers at Hoge school of Amsterdam. Organized Kids’ Yoga at International and Dutch schools. Coordinated Scout activities for 1.5 years in Huizen. Completed 1.5 years of Physiotherapy internship at Hospital and first line practice via Hoge school of Utrecht.

Professional Experience in India:

2 years of work experience as Physiotherapist in an orthopedic clinic. 2 years of versatile experience as a fitness counsellor with U.S. based fitness industry and corporate counselling (Tech Mahindra). Worked on special M.M.S.P. technique to rehabilitate neurologically challenged children at a Pediatric rehabilitation center. Organizing Yoga workshop for blind kids at Rakum Academy, Bangalore.

How Yoga MElody is Different from others?

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Corporate yoga

Corporate yoga

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our Corporate Yoga sessions, seamlessly integrating wellness into your workplace. Experience heightened focus and reduced stress, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment.

Child Yoga

kids yoga

Kids are our future and it is our responsibility to create a happy and healthy world. At Yoga Melody, We provides special yoga program for kids as a unique possibility to explore and experience their natural potential.

Pregnancy Yoga

Preganancy yoga

Nurturing the journey of motherhood, our Pregnancy Yoga program offers a serene space for expectant mothers to embrace the joys of pregnancy and prepare for childbirth with gentle stretches and mindful breathing techniques.

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