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Yoga melody kids programme:

Kids are our future and it is our responsibility to create a happy and healthy world. Yoga Melody provides a special yoga program for kids as a unique possibility to explore and experience their natural potential. A prior assessment of the kid is done to understand the needs and scope of the kid for achievable visible results. We offer in our classes a combination of characters taken from ancient moral story telling to help kids add values and wisdom in their life along with having role play fun and encourage them to demonstrate various asanas after practices to gain self confidence with introducing public speaking skills at an early age. Our aim is to develop physical , mental, emotional , spiritual and social dimensions of every kid.

Why kids yoga?

Who can do kids yoga?

Yoga can accommodate all body shapes and sizes so all kids are welcome.sporty non sporty all . Research shows that yoga has been beneficial also for special kids and kids having limitations like down’s syndrome, autism , ADHD etc.

Prices/ abonnements:

Let your kids experience and explore their natural potential. All classes are small group and Hybrid



6 Months


3 Months


2 Months


1 Month


Note: We suggest taking 12 weeks sessions to see visible benefits of yoga  in your kid.

Timings: Wednesday 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (hybrid sessions)


Who takes the class?

All classes are taken by Shivantika Srivastava, a physiotherapist and yoga teacher. She has worked for neurodeficit kids having delayed milestones at Parijma Hospital in India and also the activity coordinator for Scouting vasanta in Netherlands. With her versatile background of working in the health and fitness industry for 10 years, both in eastern and western world, she likes to evolve our future generations to a perfect blend of modern and authentic health and fitness being. 


Join your kid and let your kid develop with us. Looking forward to seeing your kid! Register here….